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» University Preparation Couse (UPC)
» F1 Challenge in Schools
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University Preparation Course

Balga Senior High School offers Year 12 students wishing to access entrance into Edith Cowan University the opportunity to complete the University Preparation Course. This provides our students with an alternate pathway to gain entry to university. Year 9 and 10 students participate in the University of Western Australia ‘Aspire’ program to familiarise and prepare them for university.


F1 Challenge In Schools

The F1 Challenge is a business competition based on engineering, design, marketing and performance. Students work collaboratively as a team to design and make a model racing car, present and market their business brand, demonstrate their engineering process and race the car in competition at the state final.


The Sound Way

The Sound Way Program is an interactive training program that supplements the English curriculum at Balga Senior High School. The course has been designed to rapidly improve the spelling, writing and reading of students. Legible handwriting, accurate pronunciation and the guiding principles of Standard Australian English are taught from the very first video lesson to ensure dramatic Improvement in literacy levels.