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Community Partnerships
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Connecting with the community

Developing meaningful and sustainable partnerships with the community and community organisations is a key priority for Balga Senior High School. Exampes of such partnerships include:


  • Aboriginal Parent Community Partnership

  • Migrant Parent Forums

  • Government Agencies

  • Corporations

  • Not For Profit Organisations

  • Service Organisations


Aboriginal Parent Community Partnership

The Aboriginal Parent Community Partnershiop builds the capacity of the community and school to support the education of aboriginal students, to provide opportunities for community to share in the learning journey with their children and the school where possible and to provide support for students to extend their learning through purposeful activities beyond the school day and week.


The overall goals of the partnership are Improved attendance and participation, successful development of Wadjak Resource Centre and the successful development of Noongar Tourism Enterprise. This is done through a number of strategies:

  • Led by the Principal, Wadjak Northside Aboriginal Community Group :

  • Cultural awareness training delivered to all staff, community capacity building programs developed and delivered including financial and technical literacy, health and well being, work readiness skills development.

  • The school facilities including school community room, bush space and surrounds will be utilised as well as the new Wadjak Community Resource centre being developed on the old Warriependi Pre School Site.

  • Activities including building a tourist enterprise around Noongar Culture, learning through community involvement in contexts matching current needs.


Migrant Parent Forums

The Migrant Parent Forums are ongoing forums that provide migrant parents to access information relevant to peoples circumstances at the time. The following strategies are employed to ensure the sucess of these forums:


  • Forums are led by the Principal, Youth Community Worker

  • Cultural awareness training delivered to all staff, staff providing feedback regarding issues of need.

  • The school is seen as a connector here assisting other agencies with access to the migrant community, being able to here of their needs first hand.

  • Agencies involved over time include Centrelink, Banks, Non Bank lenders, Police, Departments of Planning and Infrastructure, Child Protection, Health, Education and Housing.

Government Agencies




Not For Profit Organisations and Service Organisations