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Middle School - Years 7-9

Our Middle School program comprises the Year 7, 8 and 9 mainstream students, in addition to students transitioning from the Intensive English Centre.


A defining attribute of the Middle School is the diversity of its student body which represents over 60 different nationalities. The Middle School program at Balga SHS provides a model through which the individual literacy and numeracy needs of students are targeted across the curriculum.


Students are exposed to a range of exciting learning areas and are provided with opportunities to develop their skills in English, Mathematics, Science, The Arts, Technology and Enterprise as well as Health and Physical Education.



Senior School - Years 10-12

Senior School Programs students in Years10-12 are offered the opportunity to complete their senior school studies through a number of literacy-supported programs.


Balga Senior High School offers both academic and vocational pathways including traineeships, School Apprentice Link, TAFE pathways, VET Courses, Curriculum Council subjects and various school-based subjects. Year 11 and 12 students can also complete Certificates in Training through a range of nationally accredited courses.



Intensive English Centre (IEC)


The IEC runs two programs: The first program caters for students who arrive in Australia having received a normal/formal education in their country of birth. This twelve month program is designed to provide students with the skills required to transition successfully into a mainstream classroom using the Australian curriculum.


The second program caters for students from a limited schooling/interrupted schooling background. The two-year program is designed to provide students with basic literacy and numeracy skills as well as the social and communicative skills required to function successfully in Australian schools.


Extensive on going ESL support is provided for these students as they graduate from the IEC into mainstream schooling.


Education Support Program


The focus of the Education Support Program is to teach literacy and numeracy in a functional context and the social skills required to integrate students into society. Individual Education Plans are developed that reflect the abilities of each student. Developing the skills required for employment is a major focus of the program with links established with Disability Employment Providers.


Swan Nyungar Sports Education Program (SNSEP)

The SNSEP program caters for Aboriginal students in the Swan Education District. The goal of the program is to improve educational outcomes, particularly literacy and numeracy. This is achieved by using Aboriginal culture, language and sport (Australian Rules Football for boys; Netball for girls) as the conduit to engagement and achievement.


Students are able to maintain a strong identity with their culture whilst also integrating with other students. Learning through The Arts, Technology &Enterprise and Physical Education supports integration across the school. Students meet daily with their cultural mentors to ensure they remain focused and have immediate access to support
during each school day. The Program strives to produce confident leaders who can make a significant contribution to society.



Young Parents Program

The Young Parents Program (YPP) assists pregnant and parenting teenagers to continue - or return to - their secondary education by providing three areas of support; childcare, education and parent support. Most students range in age from 14 to 19 years although there is no lower age limit.