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Student Services at Balga Senior High School

Student Services at Balga Senior High School has a vibrant and active team committed to ensuring that all students feel safe in a supportive environment and that the student's social, emotional and physical needs are met. Every staff member supports the well being of all students and the school philosophy is the 'whole school for the whole student.'


The Student Services team is supported by :

  • Psychologists

  • Community Youth Workers

  • School Nurse

  • School Chaplain

  • Pastoral Care Coordinators




Positive Behaivours

Balga SHS is committed to providing a positive learning environment for all students. By employing the Schoolwide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) framework Balga SHS is developing proactive whole-school systems to define, teach, and support appropriate student behaviours.

Through SWPBS, Balga SHS implements evidence-based approaches to managing student behaviour. With an emphasis on data-based decision-making, the program is evaluated regularly and practices are adjusted to make sure the process is achieving effective results.



Pastoral Care

The pastoral care team at Balga SHS is committed to creating a school environment where all students to feel content and safe. In doing so, ultimately we aim to assist all students to reach their best possible learning outcomes in terms of academic achievement and work readiness and also personal and socio-emotional development. As a team we strongly believe that ALL students can learn albeit in different ways and at different rates. Under the motto of “The whole School for the whole student” our aim is to ascertain the individual needs of our students and cater for them accordingly.




Mind Matters

Balga SHS is committed to building an emotionally literate whole school community. By employing the MindMatters whole school approach Balga SHS aims to:

  • Psychologists embed promotion, prevention and early intervention activities for mental health and wellbeing

  • Enhance the development of a school environment where young people feel safe, valued, engaged and purposeful

  • Develop the social and emotional skills required to meet life’s challenges

  • Create a climate of positive mental health and wellbeing

  • Develop strategies to enable a continuum of support for students with additional needs in relation to mental health and wellbeing

  • Enable our school to better collaborate with families and the health sector