Balgazette – Term 4, 2022

Principal's Report

2022 has been another year impacted by COVID but operations within the school have gradually returned to normal as the year has progressed. I would like to congratulate students and families for the way in which they have worked through the challenges this has presented. I am hopeful that 2023 and beyond returns us to a more normalised circumstance, not only within schools, but across the broader community. Furthermore, I wish to acknowledge the outstanding efforts of my staff, across all areas throughout this year.

This term saw our Year 12 students have their Graduation Ceremony at Edith Cowan University. This was an outstanding event where students, their families and the school community were able to acknowledge their completion of formal schooling and farewell them as students of our school.

We have been actively connecting with our incoming Year 7 students for 2023 and a very successful Orientation Day took place in the latter part of this term. I would like to thank the local primary schools for their support in assisting the students to begin their transition to high school. At this stage, we expect to have 80 students commencing Year 7 in 2023 and we welcome them and their families.

Across the term, we have celebrated our F1 in Schools team win the state championship, an amazing achievement. I had a morning tea with the students involved where they discussed the challenges they faced and the growth they experienced through being in this program. Our Drama students made the State Finals for the YOHFest competition, and it was pleasing to see our Senior team take out second place. This was an outstanding result and I commend them for their efforts. In the sports area, it was great to see our girls Futsal team do so well at firstly the Northern Futsal Championships where they were runners up and then at the State Junior Futsal Championships where they made the Semi-finals – what a fantastic result.

It has been pleasing to see our new House strategy develop in such a positive way. Our extended Form activities each Friday have been effective and engaging and I look forward to this continuing to develop into 2023.

Balga SHS continues to work to develop strong, meaningful relationships with our community and local primary schools and we have formed a formal relationship as a cluster of schools to ensure students are provided the opportunity to have a more seamless transition into high school. As a part of this initiative, Balga SHS supports our local primary schools to deliver Aboriginal Language and Culture Programs within each of the schools. We look forward to announcing further strategies to enhance this connectivity with our feeder primary schools in the near future.

We will commence our whole school training of staff in the Berry Street Education Model during Term 1 next year and then commence elements of implementation of the strategy.. This is an exciting initiative and again, it is great to see two of our local primary schools joining us in this training.

Heading into 2023, I am pleased to announce two new leadership appointments:

  1. Program Manager, English/HaSS
    Ms Ellie Crowley
  2. Program Manager Maths/Science
    Mr Jamieson Haydn-Smith

Welcome to Ms Crowley and Mr Haydn-Smith to Balga SHS. I would also like to acknowledge the outstanding efforts of Ms Cockroft (English/HaSS) and Ms Bulloch (Maths/Science) over the past two years.

Thank you to our P&C for contributing to our new House Program and I also want to thank our School Board for their efforts this year. Both groups have provided outstanding support to the school and community.

Finally, I wish all students and their families a safe and fun filled break over summer, and we look forward to seeing them all back for the start of 2023.


Mr Mark Carton – Principal



Every year the Mathematics department encourages students to participate in the Australian Mathematics Competition. The competition took place on 3 August with 37 students volunteering. That’s fifteen more students than last year.

This year Chiyang Li (Mark) achieved a Distinction placing him in the top 20% of all Year 10s who participated in Australia. This is an outstanding achievement.

Special congratulations to the following eight students who attained a credit certificate:

  • Roger Bolgia Year 11
  • Chloe Robbins Year 11
  • Trang Ngo (Aries) Year 11
  • Tuan Dat Nguyen Year 11
  • Odbileg Bayarbat Year 9
  • Jason Klay Paw Tay Year 9
  • Mary Fiel Year 9
  • Eh Say Htoo Hai Year 7

All students who participated received a certificate and had the opportunity to enjoy a reward lunch.

Ms Jennifer Bulloch – HoLA Mathematics


The 2022 school year is almost over, however, students have continued to work hard this term to ensure their final assessments are their best quality work in the lead up to reporting.  Our teachers have also encouraged their students to set high standards in order to achieve success in the English Learning Area. Let’s reflect on what the students have been working on in Term 4.

Students in Year 11 completed their courses a couple of weeks ago and teachers have begun to introduce their classes to the Year 12 syllabus, as well as  preparation for the Externally Set Tasks, or ESTs as they are generally referred as students who are yet to pass the OLNA tests, are encouraged to make the most of the holidays and continue to work on improving their reading and writing skills. Online activities, such as Read Theory, are engaging and provide instant feedback to the student. Visiting the local library to read or borrow books, is also an easy way to consolidate vital literacy skills, especially as the first round of OLNA for Year 12 students will be in Term 1!

In the Middle School area, our Year 10 classes wrote and presented their own speeches, based on a social issue. They also read and analysed Indigenous Poetry and examined the techniques used by poets to convey their powerful messages. Some classes also had some fun working in groups and writing their own poems. Our Year 9 students worked on Memoir Writing and then moved onto creating a cover for the film Edward Scissorhands.  This activity challenged their creative skills in design, focusing on their choices for colour and graphics, as well as the layout of the drawings selected for their cover. The students put a great deal of effort into their final designs and should be proud of their fantastic work.

In the Junior School, the Year 8 classes have been analysing images and documentary films. Students have explored global issues and written persuasive open letters. They have also extended their understanding of punctuation and persuasive devices. Year 7 classes have been looking at Poetry Elements and creating their own Acrostic and Limerick poems. They were also introduced to the Language Codes and Conventions in the film Matilda and how it supports the development of a character in this genre.

During the upcoming summer break, students and families are encouraged to allocate time to reading, especially when there are days that it is too hot to be outdoors. Its also a great alternative to being on electronic devices for long periods of time, which is certainly not healthy for our teenagers. Studies have also shown it helps to develop the imagination, as well as improve spelling, grammar, punctuation and comprehension skills.

As 2022 concludes, I would like to thank the wonderful English teachers for their hard work over the year. It is their commitment to Literacy and Learning that has enabled our students to achieve their own individual successes in the English Learning Area.

Ms Silvana Cockroft – HoLA English


In Science this term the Year 7 students have been learning about the Solar System and the Earth and how we can take care of it. They have each researched a planet from within our Solar System and considered whether it would be suitable for humans to live there and made a poster summarising their finding. They have looked at how the Earth’s rotation produces day and night and how its revolution around the sun and the tilt of the axis produces the seasons. They also had fun re-enforcing what they learnt about the phases of the moon by using Oreo biscuits and shaping the cream filling into the lunar phases. The students have also been learning about the water cycle and how we humans are impacting on this precious resource. Students are learning how humans or they themselves can minimise the impact on Earth’s limited water sources.

Year 8 students have studied geology this term and looked at the structure of the earth and the rock cycle. Students learned to classify and recognise different types of the rocks and minerals, studied their properties and uses and used ultra violet light to see the rock crystals. They made crystals of Epsom salt and were dazzled by the process of Stalagmite and Stalactites crystal formation in caves. Year 8s also learned about mining in Western Australia and the future of the industry.

Year 9 Students studied the formation of tectonic plates, volcanoes and earthquakes. They learned the zig zag puzzle of how continents can fit and looked like millions of years ago and the traces of fossils found on different continents today. They investigated the densities of oceanic and continental crusts and used animation lessons to understand the movement of plates. They identified and constructed models of different types of volcanoes and demonstrated volcanic activity. They researched active volcanoes from their country of origin and show cased the history of those volcanoes. Year 9s also studied the relationship of volcanoes and earthquakes and learned the science behind an earthquake. They learned to measure the magnitude and how to modify buildings to withstand earthquakes. Tsunamis was a hot topic for a number of students as natural disasters were very dramatic to view on the screen.

Year 10s learned the global systems and how they interact to maintain sustainability on our planet. They covered the carbon cycle, nitrogen Cycle and water cycle. They used models, created posters and did class presentations to understand the complex processes that function within each cycle. They experimented, calculated and analysed data to see the effect of temperature and on climate change. They then studied the greenhouse gases and the ozone effect on our fragile planet and could relate world pollution to climate change and had open discussions on how to save our planet from further damage.

Ms Guddy Litt – LAC Science


As part of their studies in Civics and Citizenship, students in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 HaSS classes have participated in interactive lessons learning about Australian Democracy and the different types of law.

Carolyn from Electoral Education Centre had a very informative session with the Year 7s. Topics covered in the workshop session were: Who do we vote for? Why we vote? How do we vote? The students role played the voting procedure and they learnt how the results are attained. Students interacted well with Carolyn and throughout the session there were positive experiences taking place. Thanks to Miss Paul and Mr Collard for organising this incursion.

A Remembrance Day Order of Service took place on 11 November. This service was delivered entirely by our student leadership team who performed it magnificently.

The flags were lowered to half mast, wreaths laid, and “In Flanders Fields” poem read out before our whole school observed the minute silence.

Our library “Remembrance Day Theme” was a success as students took part in a variety of activities linked to our subject areas.

Our IEC students also created white crosses within their Design & Technology subject and our Balga Engagement Program Students painted them which allowed them to be displayed in our Memorial Garden.

Finally, in both Foundation and General Career and Enterprise, the Year 12 students left Balga SHS, fully equipped with an employment portfolio to enable them to apply for courses of interest and various employment avenues as they progress through their career/life journey.

Mr Paul Menlove – LAC HaSS


Farewell Class of 2022

After some challenging times during their Senior School years, the Class of 2022 celebrated their achievements and successes on Thursday 3 November.

For the first time, our Presentation Evening was held at Edith Cowan University’s Joondalup campus, which provided a wonderful venue for the evening.

The Year 12 cohort came together for the final time to celebrate the end of their formal schooling and to receive their Certificates of Completion.  In addition, a number of students were recognised for academic excellence, citizenship and leadership. All Senior School staff are proud of the achievements of our students and are already receiving ‘good news’ stories about the next phase of our Year 12’s journey. Many have been offered employment, accepted at TAFE or are eagerly awaiting university offers as a result of successful completion of the ECU UniPrep course. In my final speech to this cohort, I stated that we feel a remarkable sense of pride in the achievements of our Year 12s, but we are equally proud of who our students are. Strong, resilient, and a reflection of the best that our school has to offer.  Class of 2022 – we wish you well.

Class of 2022

Senior School Wrap Up

The Year 11s have had Senior School to themselves for the most part this term, after farewelling the Year 12s at the end of Term 3. Our Year 11 cohort is the largest Senior School year group  we have had, and we have a number of natural leaders amongst our group. The elected Student Leadership team have already demonstrated why they are so well respected by their peers and staff, volunteering to assist at the Year 12 Presentation Evening in addition to assisting with the recent Year 6 transition day.

Elvis, Phay Lain, Bruno, Moo Nay Paw, Shegufa and Say Lah Shee Paw participate in a weekly leadership Form where they have the opportunity to raise student concerns or make suggestions on behalf of the wider student body. They are already planning for the 2023 School Ball in addition to a school social event planned for early in Term 1 next year.  I look forward to working together with this strong leadership team in 2023, as I know they will continue to be excellent role models for their peers and the whole school community.

I would like to wish all of our Senior School students a safe, relaxing and happy holiday break – return prepared to work hard in your final year of schooling!

Ms Sarah Bath – Program Manager 11/12


It was a very early start for the five members of team Moorditj who were eager to have the opportunity to represent Balga at the F1 in Schools, State Finals being held on Garden Island. After a hectic couple of weekends working at school, everything was finally finished and we were ready. It took two hours to collect all the students and to get to Rockingham. After being given identifying bracelets and a security briefing, we were on our way over the bridge and onto the Naval Base.

First task for the day was the setting up of the Display Booth.  The students did this without any intervention from staff and did a very good job.

Once the booth was completed and photographed, we had a tour of two Australian war ships, the HMAS Toowoomba and the newly commissioned Cape Naturaliste. We were extremely lucky to have this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, guided around  the ships and having all our questions answered by the wonderful, friendly sea men and women of the Australian Navy.

Now it was down to business……The first of three judging criteria was the Booth judging.  The team did well, the judges offered some very helpful advice they can take with them to improve on. Secondly, was the Engineering interview, where all the team accompanied Jason, but it was up to him to explain his design, the influences, the challenges he had encountered and any areas that he had discovered could be improved upon.   Again, they believed it went well and the judges certainly gave them very positive feedback.  The final judging area and the one they were all dreading, was the Verbal Presentation.  Each team member had to deliver a two-minute speech to a panel of judges.  The speeches had to tell the story of their individual roles in the team, what they had achieved and how they believed the F1 experience could help them in the future.  Although this was the much dreaded part of the whole project, they shone and delivered the overall, Best Verbal Presentation.  Not bad for five ESL kids………

Then it was time for the actual racing of the cars.  As we had never sent the car down a track, we really had no idea how it would perform.  We needn’t have worried.  With a super light, fast car and the adept reaction time skills of Mohammad, we won every single race.  They absolutely ‘cleaned up’ in the racing category.

Then finally it was time to pack up all the gear and get ready for the presentation.  Moorditj won:- Best Reaction Time, Knockout Champions, Grand Prix Race, Fastest Lap and Best Verbal Presentation.   But we still did not know who the overall winner was and who would have the opportunity to compete in Melbourne in March 2023.  There was only 20 points between our team and Nova from Newton Moore in Bunbury.  Two of the judging elements, the Enterprise Portfolio and the Engineering Portfolio had been sent electronically the previous week and the judging of them (which was being done in South Australia) had not been completed at the time of the presentation.

Although the team were feeling quietly confident, it was still an uncertainty and the drive home seemed much longer than the excited drive to the island.  It had been a very long day filled with mixed emotions and by the time everyone was dropped home, all they wanted was some sleep with the hope that once they arrived at school the next morning, they would know if they were champions.  It took until 2.30pm the next day and then finally the email they were all looking forward to.

Congratulations Team Moorditj of Balga SHS, you are the State Champions, Development Class for 2022.

Ms Patricia Dean


Term 4, what a whirlwind the term and year have been. Between functions and catering, to the completion of programs, students and staff are beyond ready for the holidays. We have seen a vast improvement in student success and achievement for this reporting period. I would like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the Home Economics teaching staff for their efforts in ensuring students achieve good results throughout the year and final term.

The Certificate II Hospitality students have been extremely busy this term, participating in many functions for special events taking place around the school. We have had a retirement, a visit from the Education Minister, the 2022 Graduation, and other smaller events taking place that have required catering and service of food. On top of that, students have continued to work out of the canteen with Eko Priyono as their supervisor. The students have done an amazing job preparing food and representing Balga SHS. I am immensely proud of the students and their efforts with the Certificate course.

Within the Middle and Lower School space, the students have moved into textiles classes run by Ms Kerryn Arthur and Dr Ros London. They have been making drawstring bags in Years 7 and 8, with the focus in Years 9 and 10 on finishing their hoodies and hand embroidery skills. The students have produced some outstanding results, with some pieces looking as though they were purchased from a store.

We have had some sad news with one of our long running Home Economics Assistants, Rosie Symes, taking ill early in Term 4. As a department we wish Rosie all the best with her health and I would like to personally thank the efforts of the relief staff Liza Thompson and Kathy Prall, for their role in keeping our department running so smoothly. A special mention for Brigette Ricci, and her willingness to also assist with relief and adapt so wonderfully at a moment’s notice. Without our assistants, we would be lost, and their efforts over this tough time are very much appreciated.

We wish everyone a happy, safe and healthy holidays full of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Ms Jess Brown – LAC Home Economics


Term 4 has been very busy with students conducting applications and interviews for several opportunities in 2023. Many students have now received news of successful applications and look forward to starting their Vocation Education and Training next year.

In summary:

  • 26 students will be attending TAFE.
  • 2 students will be attending School Based Traineeships in the Public Sector.
  • 6 students completing programs through private organisations.
  • 2 students have started Coffee Club School based traineeships.
  • 1 student has started REECE plumbing School Based traineeship.
  • 11 students completing an NNEI course (Morley, Dianella and Girrawheen SHS).
  • 9 students will be attending the Painting pre-apprenticeship which will be hosted at Balga SHS.

These are all new opportunities which are on top of the many students who are continuing their course in 2023. A big thankyou goes to the whole VET and WPL team for assisting the students in this process.

There will continue to be more School Based Traineeships become available in Term 1, 2023 for the Year 11s.

After a forced slow down to Workplace learning due to COVID over the last two years, 2023 is looking very bright for opportunities. The City of Stirling are looking to host several students in a variety of roles starting Term 1, 2023. This will give students the opportunity to gain valuable work experience one day a week. Students interested are encouraged to speak to Ms Sharon Hunt to see what opportunities are available.

Below are photos of some students who have had great success is their courses this term. Say Poe Toe completing a brick laying Job Ready course as well as work experience.

Solomon Peach, Zac Love-Bartlett and Errol Blurton completing a Civil Construction and Resources course with the Motivation Foundation.

Mr Jason Bristow – VET Coordinator



Year 7 and 8 students have completed projects utilising aluminium and sheet metal.  The design process for each project starts with the compilation of concept sketches. Each student will write notes about what they like or dislike about each concept idea. This process continues until students decides on the design they will construct.

The other project was the construction of a sheet metal tray. These projects developed the essential skills of marking out, measuring and cutting, and introduced the safe use of tools and machines in the workshop.

Year 9 and 10 students have recently completed projects that required an advancing level of design development and a portfolio that demonstrates the process from concept ideas into the production. Students conducted a peer review of this theory component and ranked each others’ work according to the requirements of the assignment task sheet.

Building and Construction

Senior school students have been very busy completing construction projects and finalising the theory requirements for the year. Students have been working on a project they will take home. We hope that this project will serve as a permanent reminder of the effort and learning that has occurred throughout the year and for Year 12 students as a reminder of Building and Construction class at Balga Senior High School.

Year 8 Community Technology

This class has been working through a series of learning programs that focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths).

Students have developed essential life skills of communication, collaboration, and cooperation working in small groups to solve problems. Teams would find work around solutions to tasks such as a research assignment and the construction of a Candy dispenser and recently the research and construction of kites.

Year 8 students’ assignments were presented on orientation day to Year 6 students from surrounding primary schools that will be attending Balga Senior High School in the coming year. Orientation day students went on to construct and fly the kites they made as part of the schedule of events for the day.

Mr Ben Hogarth – Teacher Design & Technology


This term, IEC 3.1 used The Welcome Circle from The Berry Street Education Model to start the day, which encouraged a sense of positivity among the students and staff. In that circle, the staff and students greeted each other. The school’s values and expectations, which promoted a sense of belonging, were the next topic of discussion. Later, the teacher and the students exchanged updates and news. A positive primer was also used. The Welcome Circle exercise concluded with a reflection on, “what went well,” (WWW) during The Welcome Circle. Every morning, the students really looked forward to The Welcome Circle.

The students also engaged in various writing and reading exercises. It is believed that in order for students to be competent readers and writers, they must be given a toolkit of skills and methods that will enable them to automatically decode texts for meaning and generate various text formats. In class, many reading and writing techniques were explicitly taught. The students were provided with many opportunities to practise and apply their writing and comprehension skills in a range of contexts. Well done, IEC 3.1.

Ms Lorraine Marie – Teacher IEC

In Science, IEC 2.3I have researched the natural resource water.

We have examined the states of matter of water, bodies of water, how we use water and how we can save water.

We learned that water constantly moves on Earth. We read about and learned the different stages of the water cycle and illustrated the water cycle.

We have understood that water is the most important resource on Earth and that without water, there would not be any life on our planet. We need to take care of this precious resource by not littering and saving water.

Ms Steffi Selle – IEC Teacher


Volunteer Thank You Morning Tea

Balga SHS is very fortunate to have volunteers from several organisations assist with different programs around the school. Volunteers assist in the classroom, provide a Breakfast Club program five days a week as well as supplying resources to the school.

The Year 11 Hospitality students prepared a morning tea to thank the volunteers for their time and efforts throughout the year. Volunteers were presented with a small gift as a token of appreciation for their efforts.

Balga’s Big Day In

Preparations are underway for the annual activity day in Week 10. Students will get an opportunity to participate in a variety of fun activities. Activities include a variety of sporting, art, computer and gaming sessions. Bubble soccer, Laser Tag and Soccer Darts were big favourites last year.

Christmas Hampers

The school is busy packing hampers for Christmas and the holiday period. Many thanks to C3 Hepburn Heights, GraceLife Church Malaga, Scotch College and St. Nicolas Church Duncraig for their generous donations. These hampers, coordinated by our School Chaplain Susan, will be a blessing for many families.

Ms Ros Playforth – Student Services Program Manager

Aboriginal Language and Culture

Kaya Noonakoort

Aliwa, another school year is soon to be over!

As you are well aware the NAIDOC song developed and performed by our students was, and still, is a success. We have been asked to perform at the Director General’s Morning Tea at the Education Office on the last week of term. We look forward to producing and performing more music next year. If any of you are musically gifted and interested in volunteering to join us next year, please make contact.

Next year we are commencing a more community based approach to learning which includes the Ngala Koolangkas Balga Doyintj-Doyintj –ak Kaadadjin (Our Children’s Learning Coming Together at Balga). This is a joint partnership between Balga, North Balga, Warriapendi, Boyare, Waddington and Koondoola Primary schools. We will be delivering Noongar Language and Culture classes to those Primary Schools and inviting those students to join us in specialised classes such as Music and Cultural Dance workshops. This approach helps us to develop long term relationships and develop partnerships with our Aboriginal students, families and external agencies from Kindy to Year 12.

We are also in the process of reviewing and amending our Community Partnerships Agreement with Wadjak Northside and developing Community based Action Plans aligned with the Education Departments Aboriginal Cultural Standards Framework to assist our schools in becoming culturally responsive schools and maximising opportunities for all our Aboriginal students from Kindy through to Year 12. We look forward to making contact with you in the new year.


Ms Donnelle Slater – Aboriginal Cultural Learning Coordinator


This term concluded our last activity from our relationship with The University of Western Australia Aspire team, where a group of Year 9 students participated in the “The race around the campus” at the Crawley campus. Students had the opportunity to meet and work with university students and lecturers, engaged in classes in the diverse subjects of psychology, astronomy, and philosophy to experience what university offers and the different pathways to enter. Many different opinions were shared.

In my role as the School Career Practitioner, it has been pleasing to meet more students as they see me in helping create their resumes for the part-time jobs and TAFE applications. It is exciting to help students gain their first job or entry into a course for their future pathway and all students can visit me during breaks for support. An impetus for this demand has stemmed from the first introductory workshops for Year 9 and 10 students during Form, where they learned about the basics of resume writing and starting to create their own. A good resume is important in applying for jobs and entry into TAFE and other courses.

Lastly, a group of Year 9 music students visited Leederville TAFE to experience The Song Factory. A whole-day event where they went through the process of writing a song from scratch, before recording the track for the final release. Considering how great they sounded during the recording process, we look forward to their release before the school year finishes. Finally, I would like to wish everyone a safe and restful summer holiday.

Mr Kane Pittard – Careers Practitoner


Keys for Life/Year 10 Health Workshops 

This Semester 70 enthusiastic Year 10s took part in the Keys for Life pre-driver education program.  This allows students the opportunity to learn about safe driving and to sit their Learner’s Permit Theory Test.  Students have also attended workshops from the RAC such as Back Seat Driver, Buying a Car and Drugs and Alcohol.  A car maintenance (practical workshop) was also added this year to help familiarise students with car maintenance and road safety.  The program was also enhanced this year by Guest Presentations from the Paraplegic Benefit Fund (PBF), Happiness Co. and Legal Aid.

Well done to all our students who worked hard studying the WA Road Rules and successfully passed their Learner’s Permit Theory Test.

Ms Sarah Bagshaw, Mr Bradley Stevenson & Mr Rob Milevski 


This year our Police Rangers participated in an incursion where our local Police Officers came in and displayed some of the equipment and gadgets they work with. The students were able to then try on some of the riot gear and sit inside the police car and turn on the siren.

The Police Rangers this year held their annual camp at Nanga bush camp in Dwellingup where the students participated in team and confidence building activities. It has been a very successful and enjoyable year and  I look forward to teaching all the Rangers again next year.\

Mr Bejhan Alitovski – Teacher Health & Phys Ed


Student Mobile Phones are to be turned off as soon as the student enters the school grounds, until 3pm.

Remember: Off and away during the school day

If you need to speak with your child, phone the school and ask for Student Services. We will allow you child to ring you back using an office phone.

Sporting News


What a fantastic day it was for our annual Inter-House Athletics Carnival, which we couldn’t have done  without all of the support from our staff. Students competed in running events, long jump, shot put and the team novelty events. Once again the Dodgeball Challenge proved to be a very popular event. A five-way rotation was used on the day to maximise participation and provide all students with the opportunity to try something new. Congratulations to Doonart who were overall house champions for 2022 and well done to Jarred Bardon and Daria Conlon who were awarded the Balga Spirit Award on the day.

House results for the day:

1st – Doonart  (Beach)

2nd –Karak     (Redcliffe)

3rd –Walitj    (Markham)

7 1 Eh Say Htoo 1 Amaya-Louise Yarran
  2 Levi Bardon 2Jamila Rahimi
8 1 Tha Hser Moo 1 Ruth Gbangaye
  2 Bi Dah Lay Htoo 2 Ajak Dahi
9 1 Baruku Cirhuza 1 Jovania Ngabire
  2 Ragheed Mansoor 2 Mary Angeli Fiel
10 1 Eh Ku 1 Dahmoopaw Emalays
  2 Abdulhakim Muzamil Ridwan 2 Janelle Warrell
11/12 1 Al Aktham Alasfouri 1 Jorja Garlett
  2 Gurufle Ali Abdikiyo 2 Moo Moo Ku Paw

Interschool Athletics Carnival 2022

A select squad of 47 Balga SHS students were chosen to be part of the Year 7-10 Interschool Athletics Carnival at Ern Clark Athletics Track in Cannington on 28 October. Our students conducted themselves exceptionally well with some great individual and team performances. Congratulations to all our Boys and Girls 4 x 100m Relay Teams on a fantastic effort and tearing up the track on the day.

Highlights of the day included:

Ragheed Mansoor 1st Place Yr 9/10 Boys 1800m Division A
Tha Hser Moo Moo 1st Place Yr 8 Boys 200m Division A
Htoo Law La Moo 2nd Place Yr 10 Boys 100m Division B
Li Chiyang 2nd Place Yr 10 Boys 100m Division C
Li Chiyang 2nd Place Yr 10 Boys 200m Division C
Tumsifu Ndambira Exose 2nd Place Yr 9 Boys Long Jump Division A
Hai Eh Say Htoo 3rd Place Yr 7 Boys Long Jump Division A
Hai Eh Say Htoo 3rd Place Yr 7 Boys 200m Division A

Mr Rob Milevski – LAC Teacher Health & Phys Ed


The girls travelled to Cockburn ARC on Friday 18 November to participate in the Inaugural Junior Futsal State Finals Knock out competition.  The girls were very excited to be part of the competition, and really did us all proud.  We progressed to the Semi Finals against John Curtin College, but unfortunately lost the match 5-2.  It was a courageous and determined match from the Balga side who played incredibly hard all the way to the end. Mary Fiel stepped in as goalkeeper for this match and was nominated as the best keeper on the field.

A part of our Healthy Schools Funding, the GFEP has participated in further Yoga workshops (delivered by In School Yoga) and practical Futsal sessions delivered by Pro Futsal WA.  The Yoga sessions have helped the girls to work on their self-concept and mindset going into their matches while Pro Futsal have worked with the middle school girls to further develop their skills and set pieces.  We will also be making Healthy Smoothies this week to enhance student awareness of healthier breakfast choices.

The girls in the Football Program are looking forward to using some of our new fitness equipment during Pre-season training to get ready for the 2023 SSWA Champion School Football/Futsal Competitions. This is guaranteed to be our best season yet.

Elizabeth Phungsa (Captain of the Junior Girls Football/Futsal Teams) said a few inspiring words for those aspiring to be part of the Girls Football/Futsal competition in 2023, ‘play with heart, with a positive attitude and always show respect to one another, even your opponents. This is what our team culture is all about.

Organisers of the Inaugural SSWA Futsal Competition thanked Elizabeth and her teammates for their kindness and sportsmanship throughout the competition.

Ms Sarah Bagshaw – Girls Football Enrichment Coordinator  

Visual Arts

The creative process is challenging, enjoyable and different for everyone. Creativity helps us understand ourselves, culture and the world. 2022 has been another sensational year for Visual Arts at Balga Senior High School. As a learning area, we are privileged to teach hardworking students who display exceptional skills and imagination.

This year, we celebrated Arts Week with a two-week visual arts exhibition in the school library. The display of work across Years 7-12 showcased the talent and creativity of our incredible students. In addition to the traditional mediums of clay, paint and print, fibre work and skateboard decks were also on show. Congratulations to all our highly commended award winners – amazing work!

This term, Ms Brodie’s IEC class spent time developing their sculptural and observational drawing skills. Students captured everyday items in acrylics, and created functional, well-formed ceramic mugs in clay. Her Year 10 class explored the work of Tim Burton and experimented with pen and ink storytelling as part of their enquiry work. Students moved their ideas into lino, creating wonderful fairy-tale based designs.

Our industrious Be Creative Business Enterprise students have been busy preparing for our end of year market stall. Students worked in teams to produce saleable items including hand printed cards, jewellery, functional ceramics and potted plants. All proceeds go towards our 2023 materials fund.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Visual Arts team for their hard work and dedication. Our fabulous staff strive to create new and engaging programs and support students to achieve their very best. I’d like to wish everyone a safe and relaxing holiday. Remember to try something new and explore your creativity! “Don’t wait for inspiration, it comes while working” – Henri Matisse.

Ms Cindy Foster – Teacher The Arts