Dear Parents/Carers

As I am sure you are aware, our Perth region’s lockdown has concluded, and schools will now open from Monday 8th February for all students. My staff and I are looking forward to commencing our school year with all students in attendance.

Under the post lockdown rules, all secondary students are required to wear a mask while in attendance at school. Staff will also have to comply with this rule, except when giving students instructions in classes. These conditions are not set by our school but apply to all schools in the Perth and Peel regions under our state government’s direction.

It is expected that students will arrive at school wearing a mask, but where a student requires a mask, we will provide one.

I ask parents and carers to take the time to explain to all students the importance of us all, as members of the community, complying with this requirement.

This ongoing period where COVID-19 is a continuing risk to our community highlights families’ needs to check the Balga SHS website and Facebook page regularly. These are the most efficient ways that we can share information with you in the most timely manner. In addition, please ensure the school has your email address as we can also share information through this avenue.

My staff are excited about the prospect of starting this school year, and we all hope there are no further interruptions to student learning. Should you have any queries regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to make contact with me.

Yours faithfully

Mark Carton
Tel: 9247 0222

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