Stop cyber bullying

Dear parent/carer,

We are aware there has been some misuse of social media platforms by members from within and outside our school community. This is not a matter the school can resolve, but please be aware there are pathways to report these issues.

The Australian Government have put legislation in place to help protect all Australians when it comes to your online safety. A website with a wealth of information and options to report cyberbullying and abuse has been set up and can be found at

In relation to Cyberbullying, the eSafety website requests that you follow these steps when looking to make a report.

1. Collect evidence

Take screenshots or recordings of bullying content so you have proof. Also note the usernames and display names of people involved and keep URLs (web addresses), as well as message links (for Discord). You should also write down how long the bullying has been going on and whether you know the person responsible.

2. Report harmful content

Report the content to the social media site, game or app used to bully. If they don’t help and you’re under 18, you can report serious cyberbullying to eSafety. They can work with you to try to have the content removed and point you in the right direction to get further support. If you’re 18 or older, you may be able to make an adult cyber abuse report.

How to report cyberbullying (Under 18)

How to report adult cyber abuse (18+)

Balga SHS takes cyberbullying very seriously, but we can only deal with events that happen on school grounds during school hours, and I encourage you to access the detailed resources and support pathways when matters arise outside of the school so the issues can be addressed, and the matter resolved. We all strive to ensure our young people are free of bullying and that social media is used as a positive medium.

Kind Regards

Mr Mark Carton

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