Junior School (Years 7-8)

The Junior School Program (Years 7-8) caters for a relatively small number of local area students; with the majority of students being graduates of the Balga Senior High School’s Intensive English Centre (IEC) or primary school-based IECs.

There are also specialised transition classes for IEC graduates with limited schooling, allowing students to focus on literacy and numeracy with one teacher for most of each school day.

​Multi-age grouping supports the development of literacy and numeracy at appropriate stages of development. Instructional Code Switching techniques are used by teachers to accommodate more efficiently the diversity of learning styles in the classroom. There are taster courses which are compulsory for all students entering the program including- The Arts and Design and Technology enabling new students to undertake some of the different course offerings at Balga Senior High School. Students are assessed and given individual education programs to tailor their education needs. Balga offers students a high level of support for each individual student where there may be gaps in your child’s education
S.T.E.A.M ( Science-Technology-Engineering-Arts -Maths)