The Science Learning Area is committed to providing an inclusive environment, where students are focused and connected with real world issues, knowledge of future pathways, and the development of a social conscience. We strive to empower our students to reach their potential and become active contributors in our local community and the wider world.

Year 7-10

Our Year 7-10 students study the West Australian Curriculum and Science is taught under three strands: Science Understanding, Science Inquiry Skills and Science as a Human Endeavour. These three strands are interrelated and their content is taught in an integrated way through Biological, Chemical, Physical and Earth & Space Sciences.

Science inquiry involves the following skills:

  • Identifying and posing questions
  • Planning, conducting and reflecting on investigations
  • Processing, analysing and interpreting evidence
  • Communicating findings

Science investigations are activities in which ideas, predictions or hypotheses are tested and conclusions are drawn in response to a question or problem. Investigations can involve a range of activities, including experimental testing, field work, locating and using information sources, conducting surveys, and using modelling and simulations.

In science investigations, collection and analysis of data play a major role. This can involve collecting or extracting information and re-organising data in the form of tables, graphs, flow charts, diagrams, spreadsheets and databases. Therefore, students are encouraged to use skills from other learning areas, such as Maths, English, HASS and Technology in their science classes. Students use online lessons both in the classrooms and at home to complete home work.

Students in years 7-10 are encouraged to take part in a number of extra-curricular science activities like:

  • ASI- Australian Science Innovations online competition and have achieved distinction and credits certificates. Distinctions award winners in Australia wide Big Science Competition
  • STAWA Synergy Solar Car Challenge
  • Formula One challenges for the past 7 years achieving high
  • STEM projects to engage students in career pathways.
  • Robotics – an extended program after school hours
  • Science week activities and various Incursions Excursions


Years 11-12

Students in upper school have a choice to select ATAR or General courses. We offer Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Human Biology at ATAR level through the NNEI pathway and General courses in Integrated Science and Human Biology at the school. Students are guided to select their courses carefully based on their ability in Science, their preferred career pathway and prerequisite requirements for their University or Registered Training Organisations.

Focus Areas

  • Implementation of more practical based lessons across Years 7 – 12 to increase engagement, curiosity as well as career pathways within the Science fields.
  • Improve Literacy and Numeracy skills in Science
  • Promote hands on activities and engage students at all levels of achievements.