Police Rangers

Police Rangers is an adventure-based, youth development activity, funded by Cadets WA and operated by the Western Australian Police Force and PCYC. Police Rangers is open to all young people of high school age – not just those interested in becoming a Police Officer.

Police Ranger Units operate at 10 PCYC locations and select secondary schools throughout Western Australia. The Program is structured on the Western Australia Police Force ranking system. Promotion is achieved when Police Rangers complete set tasks – providing participants with a sense of achievement.


The Program is designed to increase self-confidence, team-building skills and self-esteem. Police Rangers learn first aid and other emergency skills and take part in bushcraft, survival procedures, abseiling, climbing, exploring, orienteering, drill techniques, archery, bushwalking, camping and much more.

Police Rangers undertake a range of training that covers basic first aid, bush survival, navigation, marching, radio communication, memory recognition, forensics and physical training.

Police Rangers also participate in excursions such as an adventure camp where the Rangers take part in indoor and outdoor activities.

Funding is made available through Cadets WA, meaning that this activity is offered free of charge (with the exception of special unit events).