Performing Arts

Our Drama program provides students with opportunities to develop high level dramatic skills in a safe and supportive environment. Students are encouraged to develop skills as independent learners, using drama to make their own social comment and develop an appreciation of how Drama can effect change in society. The benefits of our drama course are diverse; we aim to develop students’ emotional intelligence and resilience as part of the commitment to creating motivated and engaged young people.

Balga SHS students study Drama in a supportive and inclusive learning environment that fosters student-centred learning, encouraging them to take risks and to meet new challenges.


Students are provided with opportunities to work with industry artists including professional actors and directors to explore scripted and improvised drama. These include; WAAPA professionals, Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company Directors and ECU drama students.

Performance is a key component of the program and students will have the opportunity to perform in front of a range of audiences in a variety of theatre spaces. Such as the following;

  • Audition for a role in the school drama production
  • Perform in annual Y.O.H Drama production
  • Perform at parent night and Choreography night
  • Perform in Theatre Sport evening
  • Audition for inter school Theatre Sport team
  • Participate in WAAPA skills workshop
  • Attend audition training workshops
  • Audition for Yirra Yaakin Junior Sonneteers Program
  • Audition for annual Drama South West touring team
YEARS 7-10

The Junior and Middle school program is an innovative, interactive course that focuses on students practically exploring drama conventions, developing academic understanding and workshopping performance skills in order to provide learning experiences in drama. Students will broaden their knowledge and appreciation of drama as an art form and life skill. The courses cover the following outcomes; ARTS MAKING and ARTS RESPONDING.

YEARS 11-12

The Senior school offers both General and ATAR courses in Drama. Senior school students engage in Drama processes such as Improvisation, play building, text interpretation, play writing and Dramaturgy. The focus and expectation are that they will create original Drama and interpret a range of texts to a variety of internal and external audiences.