Good Standing Policy

Balga SHS seeks to create a positive learning environment for all students. The Good Standing Policy assists the school and the students to maintain a satisfactory level of attendance, punctuality, engagement and participation and behaviour. The expectation is for each student to maintain a consistent focus on their educational outcomes by carrying out all the requirements to achieve success. Good standing encompasses our school ethos: be safe to yourself and be safe to your school.

This policy provides a behaviour framework that students are expected to meet in order to maintain Good Standing status.

What is Good Standing?

All students commence the school year with Good Standing. Maintaining Good Standing requires the following;

  • Satisfactory Attendance and Punctuality
    Satisfactory attendance is regular and consistent school attendance. If a student is absent a satisfactory explanation from the student’s parent or carer is required. A medical certificate is required when an absence occurs during assessments or exams or is for an extended period of time
  • Completion of Course Work and Assessments
    Students must complete all course work and assessments for each subject within the timelines as outlined in the course outlines and the Assessment Policy
  • Satisfactory Behaviour
    Students must ensure they behave in an appropriate manner and adhere to school’s Behaviour Policy
  • Dress Code
    Students must wear the correct school uniform at all times
  • Mobile Devices
    Students must not access or use their mobile devices (including headphones, pods, earpieces, personal speakers etc.) during the school day including recess and lunch

Stages of Good Standing

  1. Good Standing – all students start with Good Standing and retain it as described above
  1. Early Warning – early signs of unsatisfactory attendance, behaviour or academic progress will be communicated to the student and the parent/carer by the teacher. This contact is recorded in SIS/Compass by the classroom teacher. If the situation is not resolved the teacher will refer the student to the LAC/TiC/Team Leader to discuss the issue with the student and work to resolve it.
  1. Probation – Loss of Good Standing for 4 weeks (see table). Student is required to attend a meeting with the Deputy Principal and complete a Loss of Good Standing Contract. The student must adhere to the contract. If the student does meet the requirements of the contract their parent/carer will be required to attend a meeting at Balga SHS to discuss a plan for an appropriate individual educational pathway.

Suspension will result in the immediate loss of Good Standing


  Reinstatement of Good Standing
  • All absences are satisfactorily explained by a parent/carer
  • Student has regular and consistent attendance for 4 weeks following loss of Good Standing
  • Student attends school and classes on time for 4 weeks following the loss of Good Standing
  • Student academic performance is monitored for 4 weeks and there is evidence of increased effort
  • Homework and assignments are completed within set timelines and results reflect student’s efforts
  • Student completes Daily Behaviour Monitoring (Green Sheet) for a minimum of 10 days with a rating of 2 or better. After completing 10 Green Sheets the student remains on probation for further two weeks
  • Student who has been suspended completes Daily Behaviour Monitoring (Green Sheet) for a minimum of 10 days with a rating of 2 or better. After completing 10  Green Sheets the student remains on probation for further two weeks
Dress Code
  • Student adheres to School Dress code for 4 weeks
Mobile Devices
  • Student follows the school Mobile Devices policy for 4 weeks

Consequences of Loss of Good Standing

A student without Good Standing may not be able to participate in the following:

  • Extra-curricular activities and events including representing the school in after school sports
  • School representation in carnivals and competitions, including as an umpire, coach or official
  • School excursions not linked to the curriculum
  • School social events, including the Senior School Ball
  • Year 12 Graduation Ceremony
  • Student Leaders – suspended from Student Leadership for probation period and may lead to loss of student leadership role


Students and Parent/Carers will be notified of Loss of Good Standing by letter or email.

An updated list of students who have lost Good Standing will be updated and circulated to staff regularly. Staff should consult this list to determine which students may not be permitted to attend extra-curricular activities and school excursions not linked to the curriculum.

Appeal Against Loss of Good Standing

Students have the opportunity to appeal their loss of Good Standing. This may be considered by the Principal in exceptional circumstances.

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Good Standing Policy Policy