Student Services

The Student Services team is integral in creating a positive school experience for our students.  Our team is dedicated to assisting students to reach their full potential by supporting their social, emotional, mental and educational well-being.

Our Pastoral Care office is the first point of call for any students requiring assistance.  It is staffed by experienced, knowledgeable and caring members of our Student Services team who see to the varied requirements of students and their families/carers.  Support is provided for:

  • Lost property
  • Printing of student timetables
  • Assistance with bus/smart-rider enquiries
  • Management of attendance records
  • Contacting parents/carers for student illness, messages or unexplained absences
  • General support for the health and well being of all students

Students have access to the services of specialist staff through Student Services, including:

  • School Psychologist
  • VET & Traineeships Coordinator
  • Student Support Workers
  • School Nurse
  • Year Coordinators
  • Chaplain
  • Aboriginal and Islander Education Officers

These skilled professionals provide students with counselling, health and well-being advice, course and career advice and mentoring.