The Music Department has significantly grown over many years to provide a clear pathway for students from years 7 through to graduation in Year 12. Our paperless department is full of the latest technology, providing high-quality resources that keep us in touch with the current and evolving Music Industry.

The Junior Music program (Year 7-8) is geared towards students developing an interest in music through focused listening and practical skills. Our ‘Independent Multi-Instrumental’ learning model allows students to experience and learn a vast array of instruments such as the Djembe, Drums, Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals, Bass Guitar, Ukulele, Body percussion, various Hand Percussion (Shekere, shaker, tambourine, Agogo, Congo etc.) and finger drumming on iPads/Midi controllers/LaunchPads etc. This learning model fits in with our philosophy ‘As I learn, so we learn together’ which empowers and gives the students the flexibility to pick and choose their instruments. This creates a cohesive learning environment where learning resources are equally divided, allowing for self-paced and peer-to-peer learning.

The Middle School Music Program (Year 9-10) focuses on students who are more serious about learning music and possibly see it as a pathway towards completing their Certificate II or III in Music Industry. The program focusses learning about specific genres/styles of music such as Blues, Rock n Roll, Rock, Pop, Reggae, EDM, Hip Hop, Funk etc. Students start learning how to craft their musicianship skills in performance through the use of active listening skills and begin to implement dynamics, articulation, improvisational skills through specific techniques related to their chosen instrument/s.

The Music Business Enterprise (Year 9-10) program initially formed in 2013 under the name T.W.A.O. ‘Together We Are One’. In 2014, an original song called ‘Ole Ole’ was created and hence the name ‘Only. Love. Exists’ (OLE) was introduced and still operating under this name today. The Music Business Enterprise program is unique in that it allows students to develop their music performance and entrepreneurial skills. Inclusive of all abilities, cultures, races and beliefs, our core business values comprise of:

  1. Compassionate Action
  2. Integrity
  3. ‘Strength in Unity’

A full capture of this program can be seen in the following link:
Run you own music production company in class

In Year 11 and 12, students have the ability to complete a Certificate II/III in Music Industry (VET endorsed). This is a nationally accredited course offered by registered training organisation (RTO), College of Sound & Music Production based out of Melbourne. Students get hands-on practical experience using the latest technology in sound production (both live and studio) as well as the opportunity to perform and put on professional productions around the school and in their local community. Our Certificate II/III Music students are also the part of the Music Business Enterprise class ‘OLE’. Through this unique model, students are able to get ‘Real-Life’ music industry experience whilst undertaking their VET course work, and the Business model gets remuneration for the services that are provided in the community. Find more information here: Run you own music production company in class

Community Music Program – Catch Music

Since Term 4, 2017 our Music Department has had a wonderful partnership with a local non-for-profit organisation called ‘Catch Music’. Running weekly sessions every Thursday of the school term after school from 4:00 – 5:30 pm our Music Department has become the ‘hub’ for the Mirrabooka session, which is 1 of 8 sessions around Perth.

Attracting an array of participants ranging from multi-instrumentalist musicians right through to novices and everything in between. Catch Music’s philosophy is about supporting people in their pursuit of music, helping them build skills, make connections, and explore music in a safe and warm environment. To learn more, please visit