Balga SHS remains open for all students during the current lockdown. We look forward to seeing all our students at school for the remainder of this week.
MASKS TO BE WORN ON SCHOOL PREMISES - Please be aware that all students and visitors to the school must wear masks as per current restrictions imposed by the WA Government.
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Mobile Phone & ICT Policy

The use of mobile phones and communication related technology to individuals is part of our everyday life. This widespread ownership of mobile phones and communication related technology among young people requires that school administrators, teachers, students and parents take steps to ensure they are used responsibly. Whilst Balga Senior High School recognise that there are times when it is genuinely appropriate and useful for students to have access to a mobile phone, we have developed a learning culture which promotes on-task concentration and focus.

This policy is designed to ensure that potential issues are clearly understood and conflicts avoided, enabling the benefits of these devices to be enjoyed by all students. 

Policy Statement

During school hours all mobile phones, ear pieces and other communication related devices are to be OFF AND OUT OF SIGHT unless permitted by the classroom teacher for a specific purpose so as not to be disruptive to learning.

Before and After School

  • Mobile phones and communication related technology MAY be used before and after school, however, all devices must be turned off at 8.50am and may be turned on at 3.00pm.

During Lessons

  • Mobile phones must not be visible and should be kept in the student’s bag. Mobile phones must be switched OFF during class time.
  • Teachers may direct or permit students to use their mobile phone and other technology in their lessons. Other acceptable uses of mobile phones in class may include photographing a science experiment, taking a screen shot of the whiteboard etc.
  • Students must seek teacher permission to use mobile phones or communication related technology for a specific purpose during lessons.

Consequences for breach of conduct:

  1. If students use their mobile phone at school, then staff will ask the students to put the mobile phone away.
  2. If students do not obey the instruction, or access the mobile phone a second time, then an Incident Report Form must be completed, the student sent to the Pastoral Care Office for reflection where the usual behaviour management processes will apply.
  3. If the behaviour continues, an Incident Report Form must be completed and the student sent to the Pastoral Care Office and referred to Student Services. Student to hand phone to Pastoral Care or Senior School staff. If non-compliant, student to hand phone to Deputy Principal and parents will be contacted.
  4. Subsequent breaches: Parent to collect phone from school and student to go on Individual Behaviour Plan (IBP).


  • If students choose not to resolve these issues in a positive manner with regard to safety, responsibility, respect and learning normal behaviour processes consequences will apply.
  • Young Parents who need to be contacted will be notified directly from the Pastoral Care Office/Team Leader/Teen Family Centre.

 It should be noted that it is a criminal offence to use a mobile phone to menace, harass or offend another person.  As such the school may consider it appropriate to involve the police.

Balga Senior High school accepts no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged devices.