Young Parent Program

The Young Parent Program supports young parents and expectant young parents, who have a goal of achieving their Year 12 WACE certification.

Having a Daycare Centre (Teen Family Centre) on campus, young parents are able to care for their children and continue their studies.

Young parents are referred to the program from numerous sources, including self-referrals, and meet with the Parent Support Worker to discuss their goals, and expectations of the Young Parent Program. The program is endorsed by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority and is a significant learning program that has been developed for senior secondary students. The Program counts for two unit equivalents from endorsed programs for WACE purposes in Year 11 and 12.

To assist young parents, the Young Parent Program also caters for students’ pastoral needs, providing students with both emotional and academic support to enable to them to balance all areas of school life with being a young parent.

The Teen Family Centre provides children with exceptional care. Young parents are able to connect and bond with their children in the center, participating in a range of activities. The Teen Family centre is a place of friendship, care, nutrition and learning. Committed Educational Specialists provide each child with a learning program that allows each child to be, become and belong. Children celebrate diversity through a range of events that take place within the centre.