Wadjak Northside Aboriginal Education

As a recognised Aboriginal Innovation School, the Wadjak Northside Education Program offers Aboriginal students the opportunity to learn all aspects of their own culture including language, family connections, history, traditional methods and connections to the land.

Students are able to learn, share and celebrate with community through presentations, dance, art and cultural awareness workshops. Students study the WA Curriculum at levels suited to their needs and can also participate in a specialised program of their choice in the Sports and/or the Arts.

Balga SHS is located in the Wadjak Area of the Noongar Nations in the South Western Region of Western Australia. The Noongar Region spans an area from Geraldton in WA’s midwest to Esperance in WA’s South east and comprises 14 Clans of which Perth City Area is a part of the Wadjak Clan.

The Wadjak Northside Education Program attracts Aboriginal Students from all areas of the North Metroplitan Region of Perth and even Regional students who attend and stay with relatives or friends in Perth. The program caters for groups over several dimensions of learning including students wanting to advance their Academic Aspirations, to students in need or who may have been challenged due to some disconnection or disruption from Education programs elsewhere.